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Registration Fee

Please read the registration terms and conditions carefully before beginning online registration or group registration. Should there be no payment received within the give grace period of 24 hours, the system will be cancel your registration automatically. 

Category Early Bird Rate
(by 31 May, 2024)
Advance Rate
(by 11 Sept, 2024)
On-Site Rate
(12 Sept, 2024 Onwards)
Indonesia Delegates:
   INASCRS Member IDR 4.000.000 IDR 4.750.000 IDR 5.500.000
   Non INASCRS Member IDR 5.500.000 IDR 6.250.000 IDR 6.900.000
   Resident IDR 2.000.000 IDR 2.300.000 IDR 2.600.000
   General Practitioner IDR 2.000.000 IDR 2.300.000 IDR 2.600.000
   Allied Health Care Professional IDR 2.000.000 IDR 2.300.000 IDR 2.600.000
   Nurse/Technician IDR 2.000.000 IDR 2.300.000 IDR 2.600.000
International Delegates:
   Ophthalmologist USD 300 USD 350 USD 400
   Trainee/Resident USD 150 USD 175 USD 200
   Allied Health Care Professional USD 150 USD 175 USD 200
Wet Labs 
    1. Yamane Technique
    2. Iris Claw
    3. Phakic IOL
    4. DALK
    5. DSAEK
    6. DMEK
    • Each session 2 hours for 2 groups
    • Each group 6 Participants
    • Each group about 1 hour
    • Complete registration if participant has already made payment.
    • Payment should be finished in 1 hour after place order
    • Check the Schedule details here
@ IDR 4.000.000

*) International delegates include Asia Cornea Society (ACS) membership for 2 years
*) Indonesia delegates include Asia Cornea Society (ACS) and Indonesian Cornea Society (INACORS) membership for 2 years

*) Active INASCRS Members can enjoy reduced registration fee, saving up to IDR 1.500.000,-
If you are not an INASCRS member, you may sign up for Double Membership of Indonesian Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (INASCRS) and Asia Pasific Cataract and Refractive Surgeon (APACRS) now at IDR 1.500.000,- for 3 years to enjoy reduced registration fee and other benefits.
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INASCRS Membership

You will be asked for your membership number (NRA PERDAMI) in the registration portal.

Individual Registration

  1. Access the online registration page on 
  2. Click Registration menu
  3. Select Registration Category accordingly
  4. Complete your data
  5. Click Finish Registration
  6. Make online payment

Payment Method

Online payment gateway by Midtrans include :
  1. Credit Card
  2. Virtual Account
*Admin fee apply

Group Registration

To register for other person by group / vendor / sponsor, you can follow the steps as explained above, or by group login.
  1. Vendor should contact Committee for group login access by request to 
  2. The Committee will contact to you to make a group account and login credential
  3. The Committee will produce a voucher code along with a guarantee letter of payment. It is also possible to carry out a direct payment as explained in the Payment section of Personal Registration.
  4. Please login to 
  5. After successful login, the Group Dashboard will appear sponsor dashboard
  6. Click on Event Registration to start registering participant.
  7. If the participant is an INASCRS member, click Register INASCRS member.
  8. Type in the doctor's name to search for their data.
  9. Data on current registration status and INASCRS membership activity status will be shown accordingly.
  10. Choose the correct name, and the data will be filled automatically (as the data updated by the participant in INASCRS dashboard member).
  11. Please ensure the data is accurate, updated and valid.
  12. Fill in blank data with correct information.
  13. If the participant you are registering is a non-INASCRS Member, fill in the form completely and accurately.
  14. Click Finish Registration.
  15. Complete payment as for Personal Registration payment procedure.
  16. Finish

Visa Information


Cancelation and Refund Policy

Replacement or cancellation requests must be notified in writing and received by the Conference Secretariat ( not later than 31 July, 2024.

A handling charged of 3% of the registration fee and prevailing bank charges (if applicable) will be deducted from each cancelled registration. No refund will be given after 31 July, 2024. Any refund will be processed after the meeting.

Onsite Loss of Name Badges

Name badges are to be worn at all times during the meeting and social events. Please note that badges are non-transferable. Replacement for the loss of name badges onsite is charged at USD 50 per badge

Time Zone

All timings indicated in the meeting program are in Western Indonesia Time (UTC+7).


Information about Certificate of attendance will be sent to your email at least 2 week after event has finished and can download at

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