Welcome message form ACS


We extend our warmest welcome to all distinguished attendees of the Asia Cornea Society Biennial Meeting, in conjunction with the Indonesian Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery (INASCRS). It is our great pleasure to host this momentous event, where leading minds from around the globe converge to address the pressing challenges of corneal blindness and corneal problems in Asia.

With a population exceeding 4.6 billion, Asia stands as a vibrant continent, teeming with diverse cultures, languages, and aspirations. However, within this tapestry lies the sobering reality of corneal blindness, impacting millions of individuals throughout our region. As we gather here, united in purpose and determination, we aim to shape a brighter future by combating this profound issue head-on.

The Asia Cornea Society serves as an invaluable platform to explore, discuss, and share ground-breaking advancements in corneal research, diagnosis, treatment, and surgery. As we prepare for this extraordinary gathering, we invite you to embark on a journey of discovery, compassion, and scientific advancement. By embracing cutting-edge advancements and nurturing interdisciplinary collaboration, we strive to unlock new frontiers of possibility in our fight against corneal blindness.

Beyond the scientific endeavours, we must remember the human stories that lie at the heart of our shared mission. Each statistic represents a life yearning to be restored, a world of colors and clarity awaiting rediscovery. By synergizing our collective efforts, we can redefine the future for those affected by corneal blindness, offering hope, empowerment, and a brighter tomorrow.

On behalf of the Asia Cornea Society and INASCRS, we extend our deepest gratitude to all speakers, participants, sponsors, and organizing committee who have contributed to making this event a reality. Together, let us forge new friendships, nurture collaborations, and ignite the spark of inspiration that will propel us toward a future free from the shackles of corneal blindness.

We eagerly anticipate your arrival and the invaluable contributions you will bring to the Asia Cornea Society Biennial Meeting in September 2024. May this gathering be a catalyst for transformation, empowering us to change lives and reshape the landscape of corneal care in Asia.

With heartfelt appreciation and anticipation,

Prof. Shigeru KINOSHITA, MD
Asia Cornea Society, President

Prof. Donald TAN, MD
Asia Cornea Society, General Secretary

9th ACS Meeting, Chairman

Sharita R. SIREGAR, MD
9th ACS Meeting, Scientific Coordinator